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10 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Celebrate Sandwich Day


Grilled cheese sandwich is something I still whip when I have no idea what to eat for lunch or dinner. An exceptionally comfortable meal, it evokes memories of how melted cheese stretches when I unwrap the sandwich and dip it in a hot, steaming bowl of tomato soup. Even without soup, eating one of these sandwiches reminds me of my childhood.

It’s 2017, so we have more opportunities to eat. The days of basic bread and cheese combo have disappeared. This list of sandwiches is hilarious, exhilarating, and twists on the classics we all love.

1. Grilled cauliflower cheese

Never thought that cauliflower can be used as a substitute for bread? For vegans, vegetarians or even people wanting to start a healthier lifestyle, this model is perfect for you.

2. Chicken bacon ranch with grilled cheese.

If I decide to be more adventurous with my grilled cheese sandwiches, this creation will be the first thing I’ll do. I usually put a piece of ham on mine for something extra, but this is the next level of extra for me. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

3. Cheese with spinach Pesto, grilled.

I think grilled pesto spinach cheese is a great option for Sunday brunch. Imagine toasted bread with wilted spinach and spicy pesto paired with mimosa. Has salivation started yet?

4. Grilled Apple and Gaud cheese.

I never thought I’d put real fruit on your sandwich, would I? Gouda cheese is smoky enough to make the sweetness of the apple well-connected with it, but the flavors won’t compete for the attention of your taste buds.

5. Grilled zucchini waffle cheese.

Tsucchini is another one of those vegetables that I never thought I’d turn into a sandwich. Besides, who doesn’t like waffles? The mixtures of texture and taste sensations will outplay your taste buds.

6. Grilled cheese sandwich.

Pizza in the form of a sandwich sounds like a plan to me. Herbs, spices, sticky cheese? I’m there… No questions asked.

7. Final Grilled Cheese.

When you feel Bad and Boozy, make yourself even more quirky by cooking this fancy grilled cheese. Pretend you’re on “Rubble” and see how extreme you and your friends can be.

8. Grilled “Parmigiana Aubergines” cheese.

My boyfriend loves Parmigiana’s eggplant, so I’d definitely do it for him. The difference between other grilled cheese sandwiches and this is that the eggplant is first cooked and then added to the sandwich. Extra step, but it’s going to be a hit the next time you break, but you’ll feel healthy.

9. Grilled Irish cheese

St. Patrick’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat anything else Irish. If I felt really superfluous, I would try to make the cheese green to blend with the Irish theme.

10. Grilled blueberry and peach cheese.

Another great option brunch or dessert. I know it’s weird to think about eating a sandwich that’s not ice cream for dessert, but trust me, it’s going to work. Crispy slices of peach with crispy berry juice flowing down your hand will make you wonder why you’ve never thought about this combination before.

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