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10 Ideas to Remember If You Want More extra Motivation


I am naturally an optimistic person, and I like to think of myself because a motivated man — although maybe not most the time. There have been many times in my life at which I’ve struggled with motivation. It takes a good deal of energy to be more moved and a while, I just can not be bothered.I only want to hide away and do nothing whatsoever.

Having these feelings where you desire to do nothing is genuinely an okay idea to do because there are occasions when you need to rest and recover. The threat is when you let that intermittent sense of urgency and procrastination dominate your own life. While this happens and believe in me, it sometimes happens very fast; you will make excuses as to why you can not eliminate the sofa and start exercising, or start the new endeavor, or even end the old attempt. This is a dangerous spot to be and one to avoid at any cost. So when you run out of energy and need motivation, consider using these 10 motivational tips to help you get your mojo (alacrity) and your life back on track.


1. Take Care to Quieten Down the MindPossessing.

No motivation would be energy-draining.A consequence of experiencing low energy is that your mind starts to get very noisy and very dirty.

Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis is a great solution to quieten down the noise in mind. There are many mindfulness tasks which you can choose — meditation, exercise, and playing classical music, going for long walks. Select any task that gives the mental breathing space and some peace.

2. Your power of choice could be the only thing you have that empowers one to control how you react to events and experiences in your life. You may choose to live life span, or you’re able to live a flourishing life.No one else has that much power over you, and therefore, if you’d like to be much more motivated on life, then use your control of the decision to generate the change.3. Remove Negative Individuals Out Of Your LifeSurrounding yourself with unwanted people drains your time. With no energy, the possibility of you living a motivated and active living is pretty close to zilch. Choose instead to encircle yourself with positive people, and when you do, you will realize that your energy for life starts to stream.4. Decide to Take Little Steps to Receive Your Time FlowingGoing from feeling low heat without motivation to where you have lots of energy and motivation might appear impossible to attain. Therefore overwhelming, we do not know how to start, and we wind up quitting or not starting. The real key to moving forward and achieving any goal that you put will be to concentrate on taking a single step at a time until you accomplish your goal. Jenny Blake, in her book Pivot — said that to change your lifetime:

“The single thing that matters can be your next one.”

If you would like to receive your mojo (alacrity) back in your life, figure what the very first few actions or steps are for you to start moving forward, then stick into your plan — just one measure at a time.

5. 5. Let go of the things in your life that you can’t change.

When we feel short of energy, we tend to dwell on the events of our lives that have not gone so well. These delicate and challenging events are a thing of the past, and we cannot change the outcome.

Focusing on these events drains our energies and makes it even more challenging to start acting to change our lives. Focus on the life events that have gone well with you, and use these real sensations to encourage you to move forward.

6. 6. Practice gratitude and show appreciation daily

Engage in showing gratitude and appreciation to strangers and people you know every day for a month. Once the month is over, don’t stop, continue for the rest of your life.

Practicing gratitude and appreciation every day brings joy to your life and with pleasure, hope, and high energy – which leads you to live a motivated life.

7. Focus on activities that bring you joy.

Eliminate the activity in life that pulls you down. When we feel low, we tend to focus on tasks that consume a lot of negative energy.

Focus on activities that help you move forward rather than pulling you down to return motivation to your life. Use your power of choice to help you choose activities that will help you live a more motivated life.

8. Take patience into your life

This may seem like a bit of a strange action to consider if you want to live a more motivated life, however, accepting patience in your life is not about you “sit and wait” – it’s about you taking the time to consider and reflect on what you need to do to keep moving forward.

Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a personal journey that takes time. Patience helps you keep up with the times and gives you a more positive outlook on your life.


9. Take time to understand who you are and what you want.

To change your life, you need commitments and purpose. You need to know what you want and why you want it. These two things are essential driving forces for you wanting to change your life.

If you know what you want and why you want it, then you have a clear goal on which you should focus. If you don’t have a direction or vision of how you want to live your life, then your journey changes can become aimless, and the chances are very high that you give up.

If you don’t know what it’s like to live a motivated and positive life, how will you know what to aspire to?


10. Keep learning

Highly motivated people like to learn new things. It is learning that brings energy into their lives. Learning opens up your mind and makes you think about many aspects.

Use every opportunity to get outside of your convenience zone and learn new things regularly. Living a comfortable life without difficulties, you will only drain your energy and remain very demotivated in your life.



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