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Combining blazers: This is how versatile you can style a blazer


Jeans, T-shirt, blazer? It always works, but in the long run, it’s a bit monotonous. Because the blazer, whose history goes back to the 19th century, can be styled as versatile as hardly any other piece of clothing. We show you five variations that make the fashion piece look modern, casual and elegant at the same time.

Wear a blazer with matching pants as a suit

The simplest and yet most stylish way to combine a blazer is to wear it as a suit, i.e. with matching pants. If there are no complementary pants to your blazer, reach for pants with a shade that most closely resembles that of your blazer. Sneakers and a turtleneck sweater complete the look for a city stroll. Got a business meeting coming up or a festive occasion? A simple blouse or tank top plus ankle boots (even with animal print!) complement the suit perfectly (see second picture).


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Blazer with Bermuda shorts

We predict: Bermuda shorts were already a trend in 2019 and will remain so in the coming years. The longer shorts hug the legs, can be used 24/7, and lose some of their stuffy image with a long blouse and blazer. Pointed slingback pumps, trekking sandals, or sneakers give the outfit a casual twist. In winter, just slip into over-the-knee boots.


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Combine blazer with midi skirt and pumps

Looking for a chic everyday outfit for the office? Or do you have several meetings every day and usually business appointments in the evening? Then wear a midi skirt (for example, with a leopard print) and strappy pumps with your blazer. A T-shirt with a print breaks up the look – which, by the way, also cuts a fine figure for shopping or dining out.


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Blazer with tracksuit

Tracksuits, i.e. the combination of sweatpants and (color-matching) sweaters, are not just something for the sofa – if you style them right. The fashionable all-purpose weapon: the blazer, because with it the casual look looks street style-suitable in no time. It goes well with sneakers, boots, or – if the weather permits – sandals.

Combine blazer: Goes also with a floral dress and boots!

Autumn outdoors? Take a blazer, put it on over a maxi dress or midi dress with a floral pattern, and add some black booties. The result is an outfit with 70s vibes, a dash of rock ‘n’ roll, and hugely addictive flair.


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Blazer: Here’s what you should look for when buying a blazer

Not all blazers are the same. Therefore, you should pay attention to some details before you get a (new) one :

  • It depends on the right fit: If the blazer is cut too wide, you risk sinking into it. If it’s too tight, it can wrinkle and look anything but elegant.
  • With oversize blazers, you should also make sure that the trendy piece doesn’t swallow you up, despite the wide cut.
  • Currently, trendy shoulder pads only look cool if they don’t add unnecessary bulk. Otherwise, it’s better to choose a model without padding.
  • Black blazers go with everything; colorful models are best chosen in clean tones, such as white, beige, brown, dark blue, or in pastel colors (mint or pink). With an ornate or very flashy blazer, you’re more likely to run the risk of it just hanging in your closet.
  • Invest in quality: You’ll get more out of your blazer if you go for models made of wool, for example. Since the blazer is usually the center of the outfit, it is particularly out if the quality is not right and, for example, seams are poorly finished. Wool blazers also keep you warm and can function wonderfully as a transitional jacket.
  • The higher the percentage of polyester, the more likely you are to sweat in your blazer.

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