Crochet espadrilles knitting tutorial

Crochet espadrilles knitting tutorial

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Espadrilles – the shoe of the summer! Create your favorite model easily yourself. This simple knitting instruction will help you do it.

Knitting instructions for crochet espadrilles

Size: 39-40:

Crochet the foot panel (front) the same for all sizes. For smaller sizes, crochet the side pieces shorter or longer accordingly, for larger sizes crochet more rows accordingly.


  • Schachenmayr Catania, 100 g in may green color 00389
  • 1 Milward crochet hook 3 mm
  • Wool embroidery needle
  • 1 pair of espadrilles soles size 39-40 from PRYM (Art. 975103).

antasia pattern:

Work according to crochet chart 1. Work the 1st-12th row 1x. Then along the straight end edge work 1x the 13th and 14th row.

Hole pattern:

Work according to crochet pattern 2. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd row, finish the work with a 2nd row.


Crochet very tightly to give the shoes a stable hold. Side pieces should fit on soles with slight tension, never longer.

Stitch gauge:

28 stitches and 14.5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Foot leaf:

Cast on 15 air stitches and crochet according to Crochet Chart 1. After the 12th row, cut the thread and work the 13th + 14th rows along the straight end edge (highlighted in gray in the crochet chart). NOTE: For a good fit, the width of the foot leaf can be adjusted in the 12th row by working this row with sl sts to decrease and with solid sts to increase.

Heel and side panels:

Begin as for the foot leaf, according to the area highlighted in gray in crochet chart 2. Now crochet the left side piece directly on, for this work over the first 14 stitches according to the 1st row of crochet chart 2 = 6 filet diamonds. After 18 rows one side piece is finished. (For smaller sizes work fewer rows, for larger sizes work more rows). Finish the other side piece in the opposite way. Now crochet around the upper edge of both side pieces and heel with 1 row of solid stitches and with 1 row of picots, crochet * 2 solid stitches, 1 picot (3 air stitches, 1 chain stitch in the 1st air stitch), repeat from *.


Sew the narrow sides of the side pieces to the straight end edge of the foot leaf, so that the picot edge of the front piece is above. Now sew the crochet part to the edge of the sole with Langetten stitch. Here you can adjust the size again, either sew directly to the side edge or place just above the sole.

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