“How do you wear cowboy boots?”

Marlene tries it on

New look – old question. Does this look good on me? How do I wear this? Author Marlene Sørensen dares a fashion self-experiment every month. Her current test case: cowboy boots

Besides gold jewelry and leather bag, the best accessory: a one-way ticket to Utah.

A few years ago, I was on a trip to America, Utah to be exact. Cowboy Country. The trip included a visit to a horse whisperer. He wore blue jeans, a denim shirt, and, of course, cowboy boots. I wore chucks. How was I going to ride in them, he asked. I said that I didn’t ride. Which I didn’t say: since I was thrown off a donkey when I was eight years old. He laughed, and then galloped off, the dashing horse whisperer.

To be honest: I would have rather sat on a donkey again than wear cowboy boots. It would have been easier to cut a good figure in the former. Even when putting on the boots, you have the grace of a bovine animal, since you only get them over your calves by stomping around and snorting loudly.

When you finally get them on, you realize that your feet have grown by five sizes. That could explain why John Wayne had this very special gait.

The only thing is that when I looked at John Wayne, the jaws of men would drop in respect. At the sight of me, my friend almost falls over laughing. I briefly think about testing the tip of the boot on his butt. But I can barely lift my feet off the ground, they’re too heavy. Crap.

Cowboy boots are one of those typical garments that make you look dressed up in the wrong environment (also applies to dirndls outside of Bavaria; Friesennerz off the coast).

These boots need dust, horse dirt, the vastness of the prairie. In a big city, you can wear whatever you want with them – and I’ve tried everything, yes, even blue jeans and denim shirt – you look like you should actually just push open a saloon door.

So it’s best to wear them in a pub. After the second beer, I ask my friend, “Imagine you don’t know me. How would you react if I approached you in these boots?” “I’d take you in a second.” “Really?!” “Yeah right – to buy you some new shoes.” Maybe I should keep the boots for a while after all.

Styling Tips :

  • The only time you go with a complete Western look with cowboy boots is at a carnival, so please refrain from wearing denim from head to toe.
  • With cowboy boots you can kick someone’s butt splendidly. Least of all, the person will expect it if you wear a delicate flowery dress with the boots.
  • Besides gold jewelry and a leather bag, the best accessory: a one-way ticket to Utah.

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