Intimate shaving: With these tips you stay fit in the crotch

Hairless is in, intimate styling almost a must. Every second woman and many men shave their private parts. Here you will find the best tips and current trends around the intimate shaving.

To sprout or not? Intimate shaving is a controversial topic right now. While hair in the crotch was a no-go for the last 15 years, many women and men are letting nature take its course again.

But those who depilate have their reasons for doing so: Every second woman feels significantly more attractive with a styled intimate hairstyle – as if she were wearing beautiful lingerie. Which, with a rising ego, should also lead to better sex – believe 44 percent of men.

According to surveys, 67 percent of German women regularly style their private parts, 31 percent completely. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, there are a few points to bear in mind.

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