Men find flat and high shoes equally sexy on women

Are high heels automatically a man magnet? A study proves: absolutely not! According to the study, men find women in flat shoes equally sexy. Heels adé!


High heels give us an elegant gait, longer legs, and a slimmer figure – at least that’s what millions of women around the world are convinced of. And the fact that these effects go down well with men is self-explanatory – or is it?

As a study by Northumbria University has proven, the reality is quite different. According to this study, men don’t even notice whether women wear flat or high heels! Neither at the walk of the woman nor at her stature men do not notice whether women wear high heels or sneakers.

Men see no difference between high heels and sneakers
For the study, women were filmed with a 3D camera, sometimes in flat shoes, sometimes in high heels. The footage was converted to animation on a PC and shown to men – without them being able to see which shoes the women were wearing. Afterward, the men were asked to answer questions about their assessment of the women. What did the men notice? Nix!

Painful soles, deformed toes, bleeding heels: Was all the torture for nothing? Yes – at least if the aim was actually to turn the men’s heads.

The conclusion we can draw from this study:

The only reason we squeeze into high heels should be: Only for ourselves – if at all! After all, no one notices but us anyway…
Swap uncomfortable high heels for healthy Birkenstock sandals! Or sneakers. Or run directly barefoot. So the stroll is much more fun!

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