Microblading: Great eyebrows without doing anything for them

Microblading Great eyebrows without doing anything for them

Microblading promises great eyebrows and that for about two years. We got to the bottom of the permanent make-up technique.

Permanent make-up always sounds to me like outlined lips, tight eyeliner, or dark bar eyebrows. Microblading is different: this permanent make-up technique is supposed to look particularly natural. And because thicker eyebrows are totally in any way, many women have their eyebrows artificially thickened thanks to microblading.

How does microblading work?

Microblading is a technique that is suitable for women whose eyebrows are either too thin or have fallen out. A small pen or scalpel is used to carve color into the brows. No machine is used in the process. This creates a more natural result than traditional permanent makeup.

What is the difference to normal permanent make-up?

Conventional permanent make-up works with tattoo machines. Permanent make-up often produces a result that is not as natural. The eyebrows can look very bar-like. With micro-blading, the color is scratched into the skin. This creates different shades and a very natural result.

The treatment must be repeated several times until the final result appears. The costs can be quite different. It depends on the particular beautician. Between 100 euros and 300 euros, however, you should already plan.

Here you can see in the video how microblading works.

What are the risks?

The color is applied to the skin with a small pen or scalpel. This can hurt and carries a certain risk of infection. You can also use a numbing cream before your first appointment, which will reduce the pain somewhat.

Also, this is a permanent treatment. If you don’t like the result, it can’t be easily reversed. It takes about two years for the eyebrows to return to their original state. If you are not quite sure, it is better to leave the fingers of micro-blading and reach for the eyebrow pencil.

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