Microshading: What’s behind the new eyebrow trend?

Microshading What’s Behind The New Eyebrow Trend

Good news for all women who want to fill in their eyebrows, but still want a natural look: With microshading, this is now supposed to be possible. We tell you everything about the new eyebrow trend and the difference to microblading.

Full eyebrows are still the trend. But not all of us are blessed with thick brows. Until now, those who have rather thinner brows and wanted to fill them in had to either show patience in front of the mirror every morning or opt for microblading.

Microshading What's behind the new eyebrow trend

However, microblading also has some drawbacks, and that’s where microshading comes in, a more skin-friendly option with a natural look. We tell you everything about the new coloring technique for filling in the eyebrows.

Difference between microblading and microshading

Both variants are permanent makeup, but the color is applied differently. In microblading, strokes are scratched into the skin and filled with the appropriate color. Microshading, on the other hand, involves tattooing small dots of the appropriate eyebrow color into the skin.

This is supposed to irritate the skin less than the microblading method because, with the well-known form of permanent makeup, it can quickly happen that the strokes are scratched too deeply into the skin, which can result in skin redness and even scarring.

With microshading, the risk of skin irritation is said to be not as great, as a small tattoo needle is used to place only tiny dots between the eyebrow hairs to visually thicken them. It looks a bit as if the eyebrows cast a shadow (English: shade), from where the method also gets its name.

Microshading is thus not only a gentler technique of eyebrow tinting, the look should also look particularly natural through the punctual method.

How long does the color last and what does the treatment cost?

The color lasts between one year and three years. Immediately after the treatment, the brows are even darker but quickly get a natural look.

The cost is about 300 euros.

Microshading is now offered by selected cosmetic studios. In any case, make sure to have the treatment performed by a professional. Even though microshading is supposed to be gentler on the skin than microblading, it can also cause skin irritation if used incorrectly.

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