Notox instead of Botox: from this new wrinkle killer alternative women should know about!

Notox instead of Botox

Botox has always been criticized because of the risks associated with injections of the poison for wrinkle removal. Now there is a mild alternative that is becoming increasingly popular thanks to a new active ingredient. The motto now is: “Notox” not Botox!

It is the desire of many women to get rid of wrinkles and have younger looking skin. However, for those who have been shying away from injectable treatments, there is now an option.

Botox has been replaced by a milder alternative called “Notox”.

Botox treatment is an invasive injection in which the active substance, botulinum toxin, is injected directly into the muscle. Since this is a toxic substance, side effects such as difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, headaches, nausea and even severely restricted facial expressions can occur. Understandably, therefore, cosmetic treatments are not to everyone’s liking.

However, a new active ingredient that should have the same – wrinkle-smoothing – effect as Botox, but is completely non-toxic and has no side effects. In addition, dispensing with the unloved injections, “Notox” instead relies on a more gentle skin treatment.

Notox: applications and effects

Behind the term, “Notox” is an active ingredient called argyrelin, which is a peptide that is an important component of proper skin care. Peptides give the skin a “pulse” and can make the skin stronger and stronger.

Argireline inhibits the release of neurotransmitters responsible for facial muscle contraction – blocking the connection between muscles and nerves. The muscles can then no longer work as hard as they used to, but instead have to relax. Existing wrinkles are reduced, as are new wrinkles that appear.

In the new Notox application, a small roller containing a fine needle is run over the skin several times. This should not be painful, but slightly tingly. The small injury serves to stimulate skin regeneration, or cell division. The production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is promoted. In addition, the “booster” active ingredients are delivered deep into the skin.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of

Notox ?

Argireline can be used to achieve noticeable positive results. At least superficial wrinkles are visibly smoothed and the peptide active ingredients have a preventive effect.

However, notox also has disadvantages: Since notox is not as intensive as Botox injections and only affects the upper layers of the skin, a one-time treatment with notox is not enough. Experts recommend regular repetitions, about every four to six weeks, for long-term results.

This can be very expensive fun. Each application costs about 100 to 150 euros. This adds up to a significant amount to achieve the desire to have a completely wrinkle-free face.

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