Tracksuits: joggers meet sweaters – this is how you style jogging suits in everyday life

Tracksuits: joggers meet sweaters


Tracksuits are stylish and comfortable. We reveal how you can combine the fashion trend beyond the sofa.

No trend is as comfortable as the tracksuit. The set of sweatpants and sweater conquers the fashion hearts of all influencers – and ours. We reveal how you can combine the fashion trend.

What is aTracksuit?

A tracksuit is nothing more than a pair of sweatpants worn with a sweater – often in the same tone in the fashion world – also known as a “tracksuit”. Formerly scorned as a two-piece for rednecks or a ’90s faux pax, in 2014 even Karl Lagerfeld sent his models down the runway in the sporty suits for Chanel – mind you, the man who once said, “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of his life.”

In 2020, tracksuits are more ubiquitous than almost any other athleisure fashion trend. After all, in the lockdown era, we all wanted to look a little fancier and not be compared to the flooder look. But that’s exactly what you need to avoid now – and that’s by styling your tracksuit as follows:

Casual: Tracksuit with XL link chain and sneakers.

A tracksuit in the same color tone (currently pastel shades and gray are very trendy) is trimmed to chic with a coarse-link chain (in gold!). On warm days, trekking sandals or the flip-flops, which are very trendy again, look casual. Too cold? Then go for boots (or sneakers) and simply throw on a wool coat or trench coat – and the look gets a successful understatement.


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Chic: Tracksuit with high heels

What always (!) works with casual clothes: a style break. With the tracksuit, it works with high heels, mules, slingback pumps, or other heels. Add an elegant bag – and you’re off to a meeting in this outfit. If you dare, combine a trendy bucket hat with the look.


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Business: Tracksuit with blazer

In a jogging suit to the office? Why not – if you combine a sweater (or hoodie) and sweatpants with a blazer. The look looks classy if you keep all three pieces in sand, cream and beige – then even sneakers (in the same or a contrasting tone) harmonize with it and there’s no more thinking about couch or gym.


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Tracksuit styling: Here’s what else you should look out for

For the trend to work in everyday life, you should generally pay attention to the following when styling :

  • A high quality of the tracksuit is important so that the look becomes street style suitable
  • Mix a maximum of two colors
  • Set accents with a nail polish or lipstick
  • To make the tracksuit look fashionable and elegant, a chic handbag is suitable in addition to jewelry.
  • If you want to wear sneakers, be sure to choose at least one chic component, such as a blazer or an eye-catching statement necklace.

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