Ugly Dad Sneaker: The controversial shoe trend 2018 or why ugly is sometimes also beautiful

Ugly Dad Sneaker The Controversial Shoe Trend 2018 Or Why Ugly Is Sometimes Also Beautiful

Ugly dad sneakers are absolutely on trend in 2018: Why “ugly” is a matter of opinion in this case and how you can wear the it-piece, we tell you here!

Ugly Dad Sneaker: This trend causes confusion – especially for anyone who does not deal with the vagaries of the fashion world on a daily basis. At first glance, few flattering things come to mind to describe the trendy shoe: Clunky and coarse with a hint of Star Wars and children’s shoe accents, the fashion industry’s latest craze comes across. The designation “Ugly” is quite understandable. The shoe bears the name “Dad” sneaker because of the 90s nostalgia that has dominated the designs and catwalks of designers for a while now: back then, men of the father generation, in particular, liked to be seen with clunky sports shoes. But why should we wear the already then strikingly unattractive shoes today?

Cambridge Select Women's Retro 90s Ugly Dad Lace-Up Chunky Platform Fashion Sneaker

Cambridge Select Women's Retro 90s Ugly Dad Lace-Up Chunky Platform Fashion Sneaker

Quite simply: deconstruction! This trend breaks every look and creates a whole new image. “Ugly” in this case is a matter of perspective because the Ugly Dad Sneakers are one thing above all: different! They invite you to try and experiment. Especially fashion daring can be striking and quite openly different with the loud sneakers and question the norm of what is considered “beautiful” or “aesthetic” once again.

Those who are not deterred by critical looks or words should put on the trendy shoe and thus take a step further towards a freer understanding of beauty. The big extra here: Unlike many fashion trends, the Ugly Dad Sneaker are more than comfortable and absolutely suitable for everyday wear!

How do I combine the trend ‘Ugly Dad Sneaker’?

With the Ugly Dad Sneakers, the combination possibilities have no limits: Exaggeratedly speaking, they actually fit to nothing and therefore, conversely, to everything. Purely thematically, the trend harmonizes with sporty outfits and gets along very well with the athleisure trend that has been current for quite some time. Dad sneakers add a huge portion of style to a plain white T-shirt and mom or skinny jeans. However, the supposedly ugly sneakers become especially exciting when they are used for style breaks: A playful floral dress or a strict business outfit reaches a whole new level of beautiful in combination with Ugly Dad Sneakers.


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The summer version of the trend: Ugly Dad Sandals

Even those who have gotten used to the sight of Ugly Dad sneakers may have to look three times when it comes to the summer variant of the trend: Coarse and clunky trekking sandals, with large buckles or Velcro fasteners, were previously considered a fashion sin, attributed especially to German tourists in Mallorca – in 2018, models and fashion bloggers wear them on catwalks and pose in them for Instagram – even in combination with socks! What is beautiful or ugly, so this year with the Ugly Dad trend is simply overturned and completely reassessed.

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