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Which color goes with purple? This is how you style purple it-pieces correctly!


Purple is the trend color par excellence. Its various shades suit everyone. But which color actually goes with purple? We show you how to combine purple, lilac, and co. correctly.

Purple has been one of the top trend colors for several years now. While in 2018 “Ultra Violet”, a deep, electrifying purple, was chosen as Pantone Color of the Year, this year it is impossible to imagine closets without a light pastel shade. Lilac and lavender dominated not only the runways of the fashion world but also the street styles of fashion girls. No wonder, because purple is incredibly multifaceted and offers fashion lovers an incredible amount of scope when styling outfits.

No question, purple is always an eye-catcher, but which color suits purple, and how do you best combine different colors, shades, and garments with each other?

Who does a purple suit?

The fantastic thing about the popular trend color purple is that it simply suits everyone. Whether you have a light or dark skin tone or are blonde, brunette or redhead – there is a perfect shade of purple for everyone. To find it, you should simply go by your skin tone and hair color.

Blondes who have fair skin with cool undertones will be flattered by a warm eggplant shade with high red content. Redheads, with extremely fair skin tones, freckles, and rosy undertones, look great in a deep, rich plum blue, as it provides strong contrasts. For dark-haired people with a warm olive tone in their skin, a cool pastel shade brings out the tanned complexion particularly beautifully.

What color goes with purple?

The color purple is a secondary color mixed from the primary colors blue and red. Depending on the intensity, color gradation, and warmth, different colors go best with the shades of purple. Since purple is made up of red and blue, you can’t go wrong with different shades of these primary colors. Moreover, colors that already harmonize with red and blue, in most cases, also go well with purple.

If the proportion of blue in the purple is greater, the nuance has a cool undertone. It is best to combine similar cool colors with this shade. The same applies to purple with a pronounced red tint. The warm undertone of purple perfectly complements warm color plays and golden natural tones. But also non-colors like black, white, and gray perfectly match the color purple, as they do not steal the show from the trend color.

Combine purple: How to combine the trend color with other colors in a stylish way

With its different shades, purple offers an incredible number of combination options. We show you which color combinations harmonize particularly well with each other.

Black, White & Gray: Combining Purple with Non-Colors

If you combine purple with the non-colors black, white, and gray shades, then you are definitely on the safe side. These colors deliberately stay in the background, while the bright or delicate purple takes center stage. A lilac scarf looks particularly good with a light gray coat. The muted colors with a high proportion of white complement each other perfectly.

White in combination with pastel purple looks extremely fresh and therefore fits perfectly into spring or summer. A deep jewel tone and a subtle cream white, on the other hand, is extremely elegant, feminine, and excellent for festive occasions.


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Ultimately, however, any shade of purple can be combined with a non-color.

Combining purple with beige and brown

Brown and beige, just like the non-colors black, white and gray, give purple the fashion lead. The subtle but elegant earth tones bring a little more color into play, but still, keep a low profile. Just as with skin and hair colors, it is important to find the right nuance for beige and brown.

Deep, cool chocolate brown harmonizes best with a cool purple tone, which can also drift into pastel. Golden earth tones paired with warm nuances like eggplant or magenta result in pure elegance. A neutral beige, on the other hand, can be worn with any shade of purple.


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Color blocking: combine purple with bright colors

If you like to be a bit more daring when it comes to fashion, you can go for other colors besides purple. Color blocking is not without reason a big trend in the colorful fashion world. However, when combining pops of color with purple, make sure they have a similar intensity and the same undertone. Combine cool purple only with other cool shades – the same goes for warm purple.

A popular color combo is definitely purple and pink, or rather pink. No wonder, because pink and pink are ultimately just a gradation of the base color red, from which purple is mixed. So the fact that the two hues harmonize so well with each other is no big surprise. Bright, cool candy pink is, therefore, the perfect complement to a rich purple.


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Blue also harmonizes excellently with purple. It is noticeable here that a particularly beautiful coherent overall picture is created when the blue tone is a tad lighter than the purple tone but has the same undertone.


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Another pop color that goes perfectly with purple is its complementary color, yellow. If you want to combine yellow and purple, make sure the hues have the same intensity. Lemon butterfly yellow looks most beautiful with light lilac, while a strong curry tone harmonizes best with a deep purple.


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Monochrome: Head to toe in purple

Do you love purple so much that you only wear one trendy color? Then the monochromatic look is perfect for you. It allows you to wear your favorite color from head to toe. You can choose the exact same shade for different clothes, like lavender, or you can opt for color-blocking light and combine items in different color shades. This way, your look is still monochromatic, but you’ve added a little excitement!


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“Which color goes with purple?” This question can be answered with “Any!” to answer. The most important thing is that the color has the same undertones and you feel comfortable with it. No matter which color combination you choose, one thing is for sure, you can always make a clear fashion statement with purple.

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